Tienovix Oilfield Technologies LLC and BOPX LLC Announce Commercial Partnership

HOUSTON, TX. Tienovix Oilfield Technologies, LLC (“Tienovix”) and BOPX LLC (“BOPX”) are pleased to announce the two companies have signed an agreement to integrate Tienovix’ proprietary and patented Augmented Reality (“AR”) technology, Pro-G Systems (“Pro-G”) into the oil & gas sector. Through this arrangement, the two companies hope to enhance the human-machine interface by integrating cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) with AR technologies in the oil & gas arena resulting in unprecedented efficiencies.

Tienovix is pioneering the use of AR in the oil & gas industry by allowing real-time access of all users to any coordinate around the world. By combining the Trimble XR10 with the HoloLens II, Pro-G can be deployed in all requisite environments from the office to the field. Further, it allows for rapid acceleration of competency with forward-leading procedural guidance and the ability to “holographically overlay” procedural steps while vectoring the user into high-end procedural execution. In addition, Pro-G has the ability to telecommunicate, where multiple users and advisors can be logged into the same screen and mitigate most issues with collaborative, real-time means.

About Tienovix

Tienovix is a worldwide leader in space-age mixed-reality and AI technology. Tienovix is developing a world-class intellectual property portfolio to protect and market its proprietary technology and brands. Tienovix is actively pursuing US and international patent and trademark protection for its innovative products and ideas. Well beyond the state-of-the-art, Tienovix has developed a portfolio of patent-pending technology, including AR systems that are capable of interactively guiding a remote user in performing various tasks.

About BOPX

BOPX LLC is an industry leader in providing advanced integrated BOP testing Solutions, Inspection and Verification Surveys, and a competent service staff for all field support activities. BOPX offerings combine strong engineering and manufacturing expertise, with innovative technologies, and high-quality support aimed at helping its customers increase overall efficiencies.

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