Tienovix Receives 7th Patent and it is a Strong One, Extending AR Positioning Feedback to “Equipment”

Tienovix received its seventh patent on June 13, and it looks to be powerful, extending protection from “medical equipment” of previously issued patents to “equipment.” (Buras, W. et al, US Patent No. 11,676,513) This patent discloses methods for providing real-time, three-dimensional (3D) augmented reality (AR) feedback guidance to a user of an equipment system to … Read more

Tienovix Partners with Hydro Drilling

Tienovix Oilfield Technologies LLC (“Tienovix”) and Hydro Drilling S.r.l. (“Hydro Drilling”) are pleased to announce the two companies have entered into a commercial agreement for the integration of Augmented Reality (“AR”) into the energy and construction industries. Utilizing an innovative approach in leveraging cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and AR technologies in the energy and construction … Read more