Tienovix Obtains New Patent For VULCAN™ Suite Of Augmented Reality System For Medical Applications

Houston, TX – May 8, 2020 – Tienovix, LLC (“Tienovix”), an advanced Augmented Reality (“AR”) and Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) company that is reshaping industries with its unique Human-Machine Interface, announced today the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued U.S. Patent No. 10,636,323 for its proprietary VULCAN™ technology. This proprietary technology stands out by providing users with multiple levels of guidance in medical procedures. The machine learning technology covered by this patent analyzes the user’s progress in real-time and rapidly directs users to desired procedure outcomes. The systems covered by this patent provide healthcare providers with innovative ways to train new users and operate medical equipment more efficiently. As the owner of the patent, Tienovix, actively seeks partners in the healthcare industry to assist in bringing this proprietary technology to healthcare providers and patients.

Tienovix’ VULCAN™ suite of AR systems for medical applications can guide even a novice user through the performance of a medical procedure without the need for an expert in the room. Potential applications include: telemedicine where a physician can supervise and analyze the results of medical procedures via a screen in real-time while watching the operator and the machine interact with a patient; trauma-site procedures by first responders; responding to medical emergencies at remote locations ranging from ships and offshore platforms to remote locations on land; remote applications of battlefield medicine. Moreover, medical device operators are now able to record images (e.g., ultrasound images) and procedures as video, enabling the physician to go back and review if necessary. “This patent is the first of many patent applications already filed and many more will be filed as part of our overall intellectual property development strategy,” said Tienovix’ Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ramy Danial.

About Tienovix

Tienovix is a worldwide leader in space-age mixed-reality and AI technology. Tienovix is developing a world-class intellectual property portfolio to protect and market its proprietary technology and brands. Tienovix is actively pursuing US and international patent and trademark protection for its innovative products and ideas. Well beyond the state-of-the-art, Tienovix has developed a portfolio of patent-pending technology, including AR systems that are capable of interactively guiding a remote user in performing various tasks.

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