Tienovix Oilfield Technologies has integrated Pro-G™ in the oil & gas industry allowing users to connect to expert operators in various specialized field at real time to enhance the safety and efficiency of on-site jobs in factories, refineries, oil & gas platforms, or an educational setting. Pro-G™ utilizes concepts that combine augmented reality technology with artificial intelligence, such as machine learning technology. Customizable to your needs and budget, our procedure authoring system allows complex procedures to be distilled into clear instructions that guide the user or operator, all in an interactive manner. Implementing Pro-G™ into your current system will provide dramatic improvements in efficiency and safety of assembly, maintenance, quality control, and manufacturing processes.

FORWARD DEPLOYABLE – Interactive Video Conferencing with 3D Overlay

Minimize downtime by letting your field operator video call the engineering expert. That expert sees through the operator’s eyes and helps troubleshoot the problem without having to go on location.

DRIVE PROCEDURAL CONFORMANCE – Digitization of Standard Operating Procedures

Create, update, and upload best practices and standard operating procedures enterprise-wide or customize for each facility or location.


Pro-G™ Systems is compatible with IBM, SAP, Oracle, and other industrial leaders to give your operators access to work field tickets, check off delivery tickets, and the ability to create part requests hands-free while in the field saving time and increasing accuracy all through a Class 1 Div 2 intrinsically safe augmented reality hardhat.

FULLY AUDITABLE – Documented Paper Trail for the Field Operator

Each procedure usage is documented in the cloud with the operator, timestamp, notes, and pictures of chat for audit.

ACCELERATE COMPETENCY – Real World Digital 3D-Modeling and Guidance for the Field Operator

We take the procedures and AutoCADs to create a virtual 3D-model of equipment allowing the operator to have precision holographic guidance. This state-of-the-art technology allows the operator to be hands-free and guided every step of the way.

HIGH-END GUIDANCE AND CONTROL – Integrate Bluetooth Hardware and Tools

By connecting with your operator’s bluetooth capable tools, he will see the data in the heads-up display. Additionally, the details are recorded in Pro-G™ for later quality control or audit.

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