Partnership: Tienovix and Wildcat Oil Tools

Houston, TX

Tienovix Operations LLC and Wildcat Oil Tools LLC are pleased to announce that the two companies have entered into an agreement for developing an innovative integration of Augmented Reality (“AR”) and energy-related technologies. Utilizing an innovative approach in leveraging cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and AR technologies in the energy arena, Tienovix and Wildcat are developing ground-breaking solutions for delivering superior energy-related industrial services by enhancing the human-machine interface

The engagement of Wildcat and Tienovix will lead to new approaches in enhancing safety, accuracy, and efficiency in energy-related services, and will distill significant value to both Tienovix and Wildcat. Wildcat’s Vice President-HSE, Justin Overstreet, indicated that “not only will the integration of respective technologies between Wildcat and Tienovix dramatically improve Wildcat’s delivery of energy services, but more importantly, will dramatically improve various aspects of health and safety of its people when delivering those services.”

Wildcat and Tienovix, through their commercial partnership, are determined to work towards preserving and enhancing the human condition by providing innovative advancements in human-machine interaction. Tienovix’ CEO, Ryan Alvey, stated that “the space-age human-interface technology developed by Tienovix, in combination with Wildcat’s superior energy-related know-how, will combine to provide unique synergy between Tienovix and Wildcat.” Both Mr. Alvey and Mr. Overstreet agree that this synergy will result in a paradigm shift in how energy-related services are delivered. Mr. Alvey indicated that this will result “in dramatically increased future value being reaped by both Wildcat and Tienovix.”       

About Tienovix

Tienovix is a worldwide leader in space-age mixed-reality and AI technology. Tienovix is developing a world-class intellectual property portfolio to protect and market its proprietary technology and brands. Tienovix is actively pursuing US and internationalpatent and trademark protection for its innovative products and ideas. Well beyond the state-of-the-art, Tienovix has developed a portfolio of patent-pending technology, including AR systems that are capable of interactively guiding a remote user in performing various tasks.

About Wildcat

Wildcat Oil Tools LLC, a Texas Corporation, is committed to delivering world-class energy-related customer service and top-of-the-line equipment for the energy sector. Wildcat’s product lines have grown substantially over the last few years and now include fishing services, wireline trucks, foam air and nitrogen membrane operations, reverse units, BOPs, work strings, flowback machines, accumulators, power swivels, whipstocks, pickup and laydown machines. Wildcat also offers several industry-leading proprietary tools.

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